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our refurbishing process

Every device that hasn't passed our A, B and C grade grading line is being disassembled professionally by our technicians for further refurbishing process.

Each and every part inside the device is being highly tested by our technicians in order to decide weather or not that specific part can be reused again or destroyed.

The original motherboard is being installed into a brand new housing which will contain all OEM parts assembled and a fresh new look to the device as it should look.

Professionally testing each and every functionality of the device to make sure it functions perfectly in order to reduce RMA's rates when it arrives to our customers.

Data clearing each and every device to it's original factory settings in order to make sure the customers will be able to setup their phone from scratch and in the settings they want to.

Deeply cleaning each and every device then applying brand new lens tapes on each phone in order to make all devices look in a brand new condition as described.